Production of products from hard metals, metalworking cutting inserts, crown bits, special-purpose cutters.
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Item G14

for equipment of drill bits with a discontinuous edge

Item numberd, mmdeviation dh, mmdeviation h
Г14018-0.3516± 0.40
Г140210-0.4516± 0.40
Г140312-0.6016± 0.40
Г140414-0.6020± 0.40
Г140515-0.6020± 0.40
Г140616-0.6020± 0.40
Г140716-0.6022± 0.40
Г140817-0.6020± 0.40
Г140918-0.6020± 0.40
Г141020-0.6020± 0.40
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