Production of products from hard metals, metalworking cutting inserts, crown bits, special-purpose cutters.
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Item G54

The item is used for reinforcement of a rolling cutter bits.

Item numberD, mmdeviation DH, mmdeviation Hc, mmdeviation c
Г54 3х33.12-0.0272.7-0.150.4+0.25
Г54 4х44.12-0.0273.7-0.150.4+0.25
Г54 5х45.12-0.0273.7-0.150.4+0.25
Г54 5х55.12-0.0274.7-0.150.4+0.25
Г54 6х56.12-0.0274.7-0.150.5+0.25
Г54 6х66.12-0.0275.7-0.150.4+0.25
Г54 7х57.12-0.0274.7-0.150.5+0.25
Г54 7х67.12-0.0275.7-0.150.5+0.25
Г54 8х68.12-0.0275.7-0.150.5+0.25
Г54 8х78.12-0.0276.7-0.150.5+0.25
Г54 8х88.12-0.0277.7-0.150.5+0.25
Г54 10х810.14-0.0277.7-0.150.5+0.25
Г54 12х1012.14-0.0279.7-0.150.5+0.25
Г54 12х812.14-0.0277.7-0.150.5+0.25
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