Production of products from hard metals, metalworking cutting inserts, crown bits, special-purpose cutters.
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Inserts for mills
Type 20
Tips for face mills and spotfacings (SSS 25408-90)
Type 21
Tips for trailer and splined mills (SSS 25400-90)
Type 24
Tips for disk trailer mills and face-cylindrical mills for modular machine tools (SSS 25409-90)
Type 31
Can be applied to angle-milling cutters (SSS 25411-90)
Type 36
Tips for face, arbor-type milling cutters and trailer mills with a spiral tooth (SSS 25414-90)
Type 49
Can be applied to face-milling cutter (SSS 25423-90)
Type 50
Tips can be used to T-shaped cutters (SSS 25394-90)
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